American Quality Centre for Journals

American Quality Centre for Journals is an Impact measuring service for international journals. It provides citation indexing, analysis, and maintains citation databases covering thousands of academic journals, books, proceedings.

American Quality Centre for Journals provides a detailed analysis report of individual journal for further improvement of respective journal in order to achieve better Impact. The factors considered for evaluation are Paper Originality, Citation, Editorial Quality, Regularity, International Presence, website design and indexing. We are not claiming that our journal impact factor is better than other agencies providing it, we just calculate the journal impact factor according to our own process and methods.






Top 20 Publishers


SL.No. Name Country Rank
1.   Nature Publishing Group   United Kingdom 1
2.   Cambridge University Press   Cambridge, England 2
3.   IEEE   Int. 3
4.   Springer   Netherlands 4
5.   Taylor and Francis  India 5
6.   Chinese Electronic Periodical Services   Taiwan 6
7.   John Wiley and Sons Inc.   United States 7
8.   Centre for Research on Islamic Banking & Finance and  Business   United States 8
9.   British Journal for the Philosophy of Science   Int. 9
10.   Meditsina Publishers   Moscow, Russia 10
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