Criteria for Journal Submission

Publishers are suggested to read following terms before submitting your Journal for evaluation:


(A)     General Criteria


arrow Only those journals which have the standing of 1 or more issues will be considered for Impact factor.


arrow One copy each of the one most recent issue of the Journal should be provided (by Online submission) to the AQCJ to evaluate the journal.


arrow Please mention if the date of receipt and date of acceptance is given for each paper published in the Journal. This is an important criterion.


arrow The Journal will also be judged for Format/Editing, Quality/Get-up, and Scientific contents. Too many advertisements will have negative impact.


(B)     Specific Criteria


arrow Scientific Quality : Percentage of original papers published in last year; Scientific papers published in last year; Indexation shown in the list of databases.


areow Internationalization: Language of the titles and abstracts of articles; Language of published articles; International Editorial Board; Long-term cooperation with foreign reviewers; Degree of popularity of the journal for the international market.


areow Stability: The regularity of appearance; Age of journal.


areow Technical quality:DOI number; Availability on the Internet; Availability of information, editorial, table of contents, abstracts, full text articles; The tools used to manage bibliographies.


areow Standards: Procedures for reviewing; Statements about the originality of the article; legal ownership of published content, copyright transfer, etc..


areow Editorial Quality:The first page of the cover: title, ISSN, frequency, volume / number / month / year; Editorial information; Contacts (editor and publisher); Detailed guidelines (instructions) for authors; Uniform structure of the article.


areow Print and website score:Quality of photos and illustrations, graphs and tables, as well as the ability to print in color and quality of the paper.


areow National and International paid subscriptions : Provide a list of libraries/Institutions/organizations, separately for diffrent countries, subscribing to your Journal on payment basis.